Keystone Façade Contracting Provide Experienced and Professional Service in the Facade Industry


Facade Contracting Services

Prototype Testing

Curtain wall systems are subjected to full scale mockups for performance tests to verify the performance of testing of new designs. We erect and dismantle prototype testing samples.

Installation on Site

Keystone’s site team manages the flow of materials and labour on site.
Our responsibilities include:

  • Onsite organization of labour
  • Site survey and set out of brackets
  • Site co-ordination of pallet loading to floors (unitized panels)
  • Installation of curtain wall panels via Madea floor cranes
  • Internal trims
  • Associated works in reference to the specific project

Quality Assurance

During installation process all components are subject to:

  • Silicone application and adhesion 4 way joints
  • Joint alignment vertical and horizontal
  • Glass defects and monitoring includes de-glaze and re-glaze
  • Quality assurance on installation of all works